C.U.T.E Guineapig

C.U.T.E Stands for Caring.Understanding.Taming.Enjoying 


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What is this site about?

This site is all about Guinea pigs! It can answer your Questions like 'My Guinea isn't acting right, what should I do?' and etc (which are found on the page called 'Having a Guinea pig'). And seeing what kind of Home your Guinea pigs need whether it's an outside home or an inside home (Which is found on the page called 'Cages and Shelters'). Also it has info about Guinea pigs in the wild, like what it was like out in the wild (which is found on the page called 'Guinea pigs in the Wild'). And of coarse you need to know what to feed your Guinea pig, what kind of veg and fruit and what kind of Dried food (you'll find that on the page called 'Feeding your Guinea pig') 

Theres a Photo Gallery, which is all of my Guinea pigs (Gin & Pap), there are some really sweet photos of them, which I update regularly (you'll find them on the page called 'Photo Gallery - Gin & Pap).  Also you can find out about my Guinea pigs (Gin & Pap) Like what kind of Guinea pig they are and how they grew up and things like that (You'll find that on the page called 'About Gin & Pap').

And of coarse the Photos you Have sent in! (You'll find them on the page called 'Your Guinea pigs'). And then the email you will need to be able to send me anything, like photos of your Guinea pigs, info that you think I should put on my site, Qustions that haven't been aswered yet or a story to tell about you and your Guinea pig! (You'll find my email on the page called 'Contact Me'). And then lastly Links to other Guinea pigs sites! (You'll find them on the page called 'Links')

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